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Aladdin: did YOU know?

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Facts which YOU may not have known about Aladdin.....

did YOU know?

The Princess Jasmine's appearance was influenced by Jennifer Connelly, as well as the sister of her animator, Mark Henn.

Jennifer Connelly


did YOU know?

In the original theatrical release of Aladdin, the opening song, "Arabian Nights" was different. American citizens of Middle Eastern descent took offense at the line referring to the Middle East as a place where, " They cut off your ear if they don't like your face, It's barbaric, but hey, It's home". This version still survives on the original music cassette release of the Disney Music, "Songs from Aladdin" tape, as well as on the movie soundtrack. The cassette was released the week of the movie in retail stores. The written lyrics are also in the various original Disney Music Publishing "Score from the Movie Aladdin", sheet music books. In the video release, the song was looped in with new lines" Where it's hot and immense and the heat is intense, It's barbaric, but hey, It's home".


did YOU know?

Aladdin originally had a mother. Early scripts included Aladdin's mother, who sang a song called ``Proud of Your Boy'', and another song for Jafar called `Humiliate the Boy''. Jafar's song was cut, as it was considered too cruel for Disney.

Michael J. Fox

Tom Cruise

So, merge Michael J. Fox and Tom Cruise and you should end up with Aladdin!

did YOU know?

In early drawing, Aladdin resembled Michael J. Fox. As the story developed, Jeffrey Katzenberg didn't think Aladdin had enough appeal to women, so he asked Aladdin to be beefed up a bit to resemble Tom Cruise. It is said that Aladdin's personaliy resembles Michael J. Fox.

Also, Aladdin was originally younger. Jasmine, however, had always been about 16. Producers made Aladdin older, as they could not think what Jasmine might see in a kid.


The World of Aladdin is full of surprises, so don't hesitate to enlighten us to more "did YOU knows!"