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Imagine if you had three wishes, three hopes, three dreams
and they all could come true.....



A hard-fought breakfast for Aladdin & Apu


In the mythical Arabian Kingdom of Agrabah, loveable street urchin Aladdin and his pet monkey, Abu, dream of escaping their street-rat existance.
The Sultan's free-spirited daughter, Princess Jasmine, longs to escape her life too as she is days short fo her 16th birthday and expected to choose a prince to marry. She secretly leaves the palace dressed as a peasant and meets Aladdin who becomes smitten with her. But all too soon she's caught and taken back to the palace.

Fate intervenes when Aladdin is recruited by the Sultan's evil sorcerer, Jafar, to help retrieve a magic lamp from deep within a Cave of Wonders. With one rub of the lamp he meets up with the most hip and unpredictable Genie anyone could ever wish for and is granted three of his very own wishes!

Together Aladdin and the Genie embark on a magic carpet ride of adventure to keep the lamp and its powers from the clutches of Jafar, and capture Jasmines's heart. Through the ensuing twists, turns, challenges and danger Aladdin must learn to be himself - and that's one wish the Genie can't grant!


Aladdin is one of the classic Disney heroes: born and raised among a den of villains, yet brave, intelligent, clean, steadfast, and quick-witted, even if he happens to be a street thief at the moment. In short, he's a diamond in the rough.

Personality = kind-hearted, carefree, streetwise.
Film: "Aladdin" (1992) + sequels and TV.
Voice artists: (speaking) Scott Weinger and (singing) Brad Kane.


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Meet the Villain (Not for the faint of heart!)


Aladdin & Jasmine

First Movie Quotes

Sultan: "And this is my councilor, Jafar. He's happy to see you, too."
Jafar: "Ecstatic."
-The Sultan & Jafar

"Al, I can't help you, I'm working for Senior Psychopath now!"

"I'm NOT worthless! And I DON"T have fleas!" (sighs) "Come on, Abu. Let's go home."

Guard: "He's got a sword."
Razoul: "You idiots. We've all got swords."

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Did YOU know?

Robin Williams provided the voice for the Genie, at union scale rate (the lowest legal pay rate a studio can give an actor), on the provisos that his voice was not used for merchandising (i.e. toys and such) and that the Genie character not take up more than 25% of the space of a poster, ad, billboard, or trailer. When these wishes were not granted, he withdrew his support for Disney and the film. As a result, his name was not included in "The Art of Aladdin" book (it makes constant references to "the voice of the Genie"), and he was not available for the direct-to-video sequel The Return of Jafar (1994) (V) or the "Aladdin" (1994) TV show (Dan Castellaneta filled in as the voice of the Genie for these productions). In an attempt to get back on good terms with Robin Williams, Walt Disney Co. CEO Michael Eisner apologized to Robin Williams with a peace offering of an original Pablo Picasso painting. Still angered and betrayed by Disney, Robin Williams would not accept the gift. It was not until Jeffrey Katzenberg was fired and a new producer hired did Robin Williams return to Disney. Through this new producer, a public apology was given (by the producer). Promises were made to right wrongs, and Robin Williams was so touched that he came back as the Genie for the second direct-to-video sequel, Aladdin and the King of Thieves (1995) (V). Disney was so thrilled that they threw out the previously completed recording sessions with Dan Castellaneta.

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